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Experiential Learning for School Classes – Augsburg University

Projects at Universities / Universities of Applied Sciences

<p>Experiential Learning for School Classes – Augsburg University</p>

Project Description

As part of the research and development project “Experiential Learning for School Classes”, a team from the Faculty of School Pedagogy at Augsburg University accompanied eight school classes of the Herrenbach elementary school and high school in Augsburg for the entire 2017/2018 academic year, providing them with experiential educational measures.

In the classroom, on the school grounds or at extracurricular learning locations such as the pedagogical high ropes course of the University of Augsburg, the pupils had the chance to master social tasks, experience personal limits and strengths as well as build their team skills.

Each class had the opportunity to enjoy three unforgettable days with its own team of adventure educators and its teacher. The various activities – from the Augsburg University high ropes course which is 8 meters up in the air and where each pupil was reliant on their classmates and teachers to secure them at ground level, to the low ropes course, enjoying campfire bread in the teepee as well as the to the challenging tasks both within and beyond the classroom – were all aimed at providing motor, cognitive and social challenges that encouraged self-reflection and promoted team spirit.

Project details

Topic: Projects at universities / universities of applied sciences

Age category: All semesters

Venue: Universities, universities of applied sciences or at companies

Duration: 3-6 months

Participation requirements: Project team with 3-10 students

Project funding

The Frank Hirschvogel Foundation supports projects at universities and universities of applied sciences for promoting the practical application of knowledge gained from the course content. We are also glad to fund projects carried out in collaboration with schools in order to generate information exchange between school pupils and university students. Come to us with your ideas!