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klicksalat -

Media education at a high school in Kaufbeuren

<p>klicksalat -</p>

Project description

Media education is an important part of our school life at Marien-Realschule Kaufbeuren. We want to provide support to our pupils and parents when it comes to this issue. That is why we invited media expert Jörg Kabierske, the brainchild behind the "klicksalat" media education concept, to our school. On May 8 and 9, Mr. Kabierske held age-appropriate presentations for all grades.

He listened to the students' questions and problems, talked to them about unpleasant chain letters and urged them not to pass these on. He also said that when chatting, the pupils should always treat each other politely and with respect. Regarding cyberbullying, he advised his listeners to turn to a person they can trust if the situation should become critical. Every day, young people use different apps on their smartphones, such as WhatsApp, TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat. Mr. Kabierske demonstrated the functions, risks and safe handling of such apps. He advised the pupils not to post any private information on the Internet because, once a video, photo, text or voice message is on the Internet, it stays there forever. What should young people take into account when downloading or sharing data? Here, Mr. Kabierske spoke about copyright, the right to one own's image and the right of personality, and reference was made to the appropriate legal paragraphs.

During the evening attended by the parents, Mr. Kabierske discussed, among other things, the children's use of electronic devices. Since young people are "glued to" their smartphones today, he suggested that parents create screen-free islands. However, he advised against prohibiting the use of cell phones, as they have become an indispensable part of our children's lives. He showed the parents good, practical time arrangement models to introduce with their children. His suggestion was: No cell phone during the night, when doing homework and during school time. Mr. Kabierske also explained the risks of individual apps to the parents. He showed them various websites where they can find out more about the apps used by their children. He explained that this knowledge is helpful in entering a conversation with their children in a matter-of-fact and informed way.

The message gained from this event was that absolute safety on the Internet does not exist, and so it is important to ensure that our children and teenagers can always talk openly with adults about their fears, concerns and problems.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation, which made this event possible with its generous financial support. Cornelia Martin

Project details

Topic: Prevention

Age category: From grade 5

Venue: Flexible

Duration: 1.5 hours Participation

Requirements: None

Project funding

It is possible for the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation to cover part of the costs for extraordinary projects.

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