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Project Seminar: Weather Station

Ignaz-Kögler-Gymnasium Landsberg am Lech

<p>Project Seminar: Weather Station</p>

Project description

Over the past 18 months, the participants of the geography project seminar at a high school in Landsberg (Ignaz-Kögler-Gymnasium) have been working together with geography teacher Florian Montag on the installation of a high-tech weather station at the school. Thanks to the school's location in the historical center of the town, the site of the project is exceptional, as there are no other measuring stations in the immediate vicinity. The station is capable of measuring and recording all the usual meteorological parameters.

This project will allow perceived climate change developments to be supported by local data. Special features and changes in our local climate will be measured and evaluated, for instance extreme weather events and deviations from the usual values. Particularly in the long term, climate diagrams can be created and subsequently analyzed. These will enrich classroom teaching, allowing content to be clearly visualized and generating a reference to reality.

The current data from the weather station is also expected to be made available on the school website ( from spring onwards for anyone who is interested in viewing it. In addition, the school community can see the data in real time on a monitor in the school's entrance area.

The corona crisis made it very difficult to implement the project and caused several delays. On the one hand, it was not possible for the seminar participants to meet between March and September 2020; on the other hand, many potential sponsors were not able to support the weather station financially due to the economic situation.

Therefore, all the more thanks go to the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation, which made the project possible with its generous grant. With the aid of this funding, the seminar participants were able to finance the weather station and additional costs exclusively through donations.

Timon Hinsel, participant of the "Weather Station" project seminar

Topic: P- and W-seminars

Age category: 16 - 18 years

Venue: school

Duration: 1 school year

Participation requirements: none

Project funding

It is possible for the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation to assume part of the costs for extraordinary projects.