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Technology Scouts

Experiencing radio reports live

<p>Technology Scouts</p>

Project description

Technology is a world of fascinating careers as well as outstanding opportunities and perspectives. For school students wishing to get to know this world better and explore it for themselves, the “Technology Scouts” is the right place. This is a team competition for technical apprenticeships and engineering careers. Through active and intensive examination of various career profiles, it provides the opportunity to discover the fascinating sides of technology as a profession and to experience its great diversity.

The Technology Scouts form a strong team with at least three members:

- They are looking for an exciting career of their choice.

- They scout out a particular profession by collecting interesting information about it.

- They take up direct contact with a representative from this profession.

- They give free rein to their creativity and use the collected information to submit a competition entry of their choice.

The task of each “Technology Scouts” team is to explore a self-chosen technical career and to present the results creatively and effectively in the form of a competition entry (e.g. as a film, report, website).

Project details

Topic: Career orientation

Age category: 12 - 18 years

Venue: School

Duration: 1 school year

Participation requirements: None

Project funding

It is possible for the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation to assume part of the costs for career orientation projects. 

Project inquiry

Project description

In 2018, four 8th grade girls took on the challenge and stood out from the competition with a fictitious radio report presenting the profession of Product Designer. The necessary equipment needed by the school in the form of software and hardware was financed by the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation. Unfortunately, there was no prize this time for the girls, but the experience gained in this project put the team into real “radio fever” and there will soon be regular podcasts from the newly founded afterschool broadcasting club on the school’s website.

In 2017, a girls’ high school in Kaufbeuren – Marien-Realschule, Kaufbeuren – took part in the competition held by The Educational Association of the Bavarian Economy (Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V.), becoming one of the prize winners.