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Violence Prevention

Stop bullying!

<p>Violence Prevention</p>

Project Description

On March 20 and 22, 2018, the 6th grade classes at Ignaz-Kögler High School (Ignaz-Kögler Gymnasium) had the opportunity to take part in violence prevention training.

The morning was devoted to two topics. Firstly, each class discussed in detail the topic of “Bullying at School”. After a clarification of terms, warning signals and different forms of bullying, it was explicitly emphasized that anyone in a class can become a "victim". After that, the students developed concrete solutions based on case studies. The appealing, student-friendly handling of the issue motivated the classes to actively participate and to ask the speakers many questions. The problem of “Cyberbullying” was also focused on in detail, including the question as to when the police should be informed.

The second topic focused on self-defense. For this, the speaker Mr. Kelly Sach took two classes at a time into the assembly hall and showed them some self-defense moves. The students participated eagerly in the exercises, particularly as he and his wife demonstrated the techniques very clearly and comprehensibly. A new aspect for all the 6th-graders was the self-defense technique using the nerve pressure points that have long been recognized in Chinese medicine as a means of curing disease-related symptoms in the body. Even physically weaker children can ward off the attack of a much stronger perpetrator, as the pressure points are so painful that the opponent immediately lets go of you. After Mr. Sach presented the students with a booklet containing the most important self-defense moves and took a group picture, he and his wife were bid farewell by the students with much applause and enthusiasm. All in all, it was a very interesting and enriching morning.

Project details

Topic: Prevention

Age category: 12 - 18 Jahre

Venue: Schule

Duration: max. 1 Woche

Participation requirements: none

Project funding

It is possible for the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation to assume the costs.

Project inquiry