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Workshops at the Museum Mensch und Natur (People and Nature Museum)


<p>Workshops at the Museum Mensch und Natur (People and Nature Museum)</p>

Project description

As part of an excursion day on May 26, 2017, all 10th grade students of a high school in Buchloe (Gymnasium Buchloe) visited the Museum Mensch und Nature (People and Nature Museum) in Munich.

Besides a general tour, the students also took part in workshops on the topics of “earthquakes” as well as “rocks and minerals”. Although these topics are covered in the Bavarian curriculum, they cannot be dealt with in such a clear and detailed way during “normal” lessons as they are at the museum.
In the workshop on rocks and minerals, the pupils became familiar with the different types of rocks and minerals and were given the opportunity to work with them. They learned simple scientific methods of working such as detection reactions for determining rocks, and they carried out hardness tests. As many of the students had selected the subject of geology for the coming year, this workshop was ideal.

During the workshop on earthquakes, the focus was on the structure of the earth, plate tectonics and the resulting dangers such as earthquakes and tsunamis. A particular highlight was the visit to the earthquake simulator. This is a two-dimensional recreation of six different earthquakes which have occurred in the past. The pupils were able to experience for themselves how an earthquake feels – something which they will certainly remember for a long time to come.

Project details

Topic: Geology workshop

Age category: 10th grade

Venue: Museum Mensch & Natur (People & Nature Museum)

Primary goal: Determining rocks, learning about the dangers of earthquakes 


Project funding

The Frank Hirschvogel Foundation assumes the travel costs for excursions, particularly for schools who do not have scientific institutions, such as museums, exhibitions, etc., locally.

Project inquiry