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Building bridges. Shaping the future.

We build bridges – between emerging young talent and experienced mentors to impart knowledge, and between education and business by providing school students with practical experience in the form of projects. Our vision is to achieve equal opportunities for young people along their path to professional life. In addition, we are committed to providing funding for talented young people within the framework of selected programs.

<p>Building bridges. Shaping the future.</p>

Promoting talents

Besides imparting prescribed knowledge, we also support measures and activities which aim at conveying additional learning content to school students in a vivid way.

Rewarding performance

We wish to acknowledge and reward outstanding and exemplary performance. We present financial awards for the best school graduation results.

Shaping the future

With all our support measures, we help school students and young people to recognize their potential and aptitude, so that they can shape their future in a more targeted way.

Providing opportunities

By funding projects, we provide schoolchildren and students with the opportunity to discover and research new things. In this way, we want to support commitment and creativity.