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Current projects

Robot Competition, China Practical Projects
P-Seminar Bienenmagnet P-Seminar
Project Seminar: Weather Station Project Seminar
Project Seminar: Special Effects and Event Technology P- and W-seminars
Digital Bottom Bracket Lock Practical Project
Mitmachmesse "forscha" MINT-Förderung
Microcontrolling, single board computers and LEDs – binary clock Practical Project
Launch into space – weather balloon in the stratosphere STEM funding
Exkursion an die Hochschule Schmalkalden Projekttag
klicksalat - Media education at a high school in Kaufbeuren Prevention
Apfeldorf Vacation Program Practical Projects
School Research Center Research
Malura Children's Workshop P- and W-seminars
gp Mentoring & Primus - Personal development Personal development
Robotics Project Week STEM funding
WW1 Exhibition as part of a school seminar P- and W-seminars
Mathematics Olympiad P- and W-seminars
Hackathon – Technical University of Berlin Projects at Universities / Universities of Applied Sciences
Wind Tunnel P- and W-seminars
Technology Scouts P- and W-seminars
Funny, fast and informative – Physikanten & Co. STEM funding
Hyperloop – Technical University of Munich Projects at Universities / Universities of Applied Sciences
Science & Engineering Practical Projects
International Student Internship at the Training Center Practical Projects
Violence Prevention Prevention
The Vice-Championship Title with a Formula 1 Car! P- and W-seminars
English Intensive Course Promoting Language Skills
Experiential Learning for School Classes – Augsburg University Projects at Universities / Universities of Applied Sciences
Future Week Career orientation
School Research Center Research
STEM class outing STEM funding
Film projects P- and W-seminars
Music Week Promoting music
School Laboratory Research
3-D printing at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences STEM funding
Prevention theater Prevention
Mechatronic Assemblies at Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences Projects at Universities / Universities of Applied Sciences
RoboCup Project day
Be Creative! Practical Projects
The "Haus der Natur" Museum of Natural History Project day
Communication & class representative seminars Personal development
"iGEM" – University of Stuttgart Projects at Universities / Universities of Applied Sciences
Practical experience at companies/ training centers Practical Projects
Education initiatives – from BioTechnikum to Solar Bus Project day
Wind instrument & band class Promoting music
Dyscalculia learning materials P- and W-seminars
Nature adventure projects Project day
Molecular biology Project day
International Particle Physics Masterclasses STEM funding
Technology Rally Project day
MISTI exchange program STEM funding
Picocyanobacteria Research
Presentation training Personal development
Workshops: People and Nature Project day

Our motivation

In 2007, with the founding of the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation, the family shareholders of the company Hirschvogel sent out a clear and positive signal for the future.

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Who we support and how

We support school students and young people in their education and career in the form of awards, projects and scholarships. Our partners here are schools, colleges and universities.